Utility Locating.

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Since 2001, Subsurface Utility Exploration has been the Midwest's leader in providing professional, on demand utility locating services.

Our firm can perform the entire spectrum of utility locating - from simple surface horizontal alignment locating using electromagnetic locating devices to complete three dimensional location with the use of our fleet of completely non-destructive vacuum excavation trucks to safely expose any utility. We also can perform any type of vacuum excavation service needed for any industry. Our clients include municipalities, DOT's, consulting engineers and private companies.

With every job, our objective is to produce precise data via delicate, efficient processes. That's why beyond a friendly team of SUE technicians, you'll discover a unique, intelligent approach. Utilizing electromagnetic locating equipment to verify and pinpoint utility locations, we are able to deliver precise plotting of actual utilities. Ultimately, you'll enjoy a team that blends your insight with proven expertise to deliver proven, prompt utility locating.

Bringing you the most premium, advanced equipment. Our entire fleet features the most powerful, articulate tools and machinery available.
In fact, the System 4000 and System 5000 vacuum excavation machine by Vac Masters ensures that no matter the subsurface composition, we have the capability to use either high-pressure air or water to safely and delicately break up soils adjacent to a given utility.

The end product is effeciently delivered utility location information, keeping your project moving forward.

We utilize vacuum excavation using the System 4000 and System 5000, both of which are industry leading machines for safe and effective utility locating.

We have the capability to use either high pressure air or water to expand and break up soils adjacent to a given utility.

We have knowledgeable, friendly technicians

We use state of the art systems and machinery

We cover the entire Nation.